ASP .NET Training and Certification


Experience programming in either C# or VB.NET. Knowledge of Web programming including HTTP, HTML, and client-side JavaScript. Experience with Classic ASP or ASP.NET is helpful but not strictly required.

Who should attend:

Developers with experience and training in .NET who are interested in learning the latest features of ASP.NET and web development with the 4.0 release of the framework.


This is an exciting time for ASP.NET developers. ASP.NET has established itself as one of the most productive environments for building web applications and more developers are switching over every day. Even more exciting, however, is the fact that release of new .NET framework, ASP.NET promises to further increase productivity with claims of 70% code reduction in many cases. With more than 50 new server-side controls and many new pieces of web infrastructure, the new ASP.NET brings more new features than any web development technology in recent memory.

This intensive course training will introduce students to the many new features in ASP.NET, with practical hands-on labs to reinforce the concepts.

Course Content:

  1. Understanding the Internet Architecture
  2. The Old versus New model
  3. View State, Handling Server-side Events
  4. Page Events, Control Events
  5. The new Web Controls, Validating Form Data, Building User Controls
  6. Writing XAML code building Silverlight Apps
  7. Windows Communication Foundation and LINQ
  8. Designing Web Sites with Master Pages, Themes and Site Maps
  9. Web site Navigation using AJAX
  10. Using Navigation controls
  11. Sitemap Path control, Tree View control and Menu control

Building Data-Driven Web Pages

  1. Declarative data sources and the new data binding model create data bound forms using the RAD data binding features.
  2. Using the Data Source Controls: SqlDataSource,
  3. AccessDataSource, ObjectDataSource, XmlDataSource
  4. Using the Grid View and Details View controls

Working with Data (with a focus on SQL Server and XML)

  1. Overview of ADO.NET 2.0
  2. Using Data Readers, Using DataSets
  3. Connecting to relational databases Using ADO.NET Code
  4. SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlReader, and SqlDataAdapter classes
  5. Parameterized SQL Statements
  6. Invoking Stored Procedures, input and output parameters
  7. Working with DataSet, DataTable, Data Row objects
  8. Understanding XML data
  9. Creating XML Schema
  10. Data Binding Using XML Classes

State Management

  1. View State
  2. Session State
  3. Application State
  4. State Management recommendations

Creating Silverlight/Ajax apps using Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4.0

  1. Silverlight using XAML code
  2. Ajax.NET

Security, Configuration, and Caching

  1. Securing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Sites
  2. working with the Login controls
  3. ASP.NET Membership API and the Login, LoginStatus, Login Name, Login View, and the Password Recovery controls.
  4. Configuring Application Options Authentication techniques using Web.config Improving Performance with Caching, Page Output Caching, Partial Page Caching Creating and Consuming Web Services - VS.NET

What you'll learn:

How to build robust, feature complete Web applications with ASP.NET 4.0. You will take away many practical samples, and have a good understanding of when to use which features of the new framework Each day's interactive class will smoke through many hands-on exercises.


ASP.NET course will have one class project and one assignment project, A typical Project involves building an application covering one of the following domains- Finance, Telecom, Health-care, Pharmaceuticals or any other POS, thereby interacting with MSSQL Server 2008 database utilizing ADO.NET, Web Services with the focus on following best practices implementing proper business rules, accessing the assemblies from Windows/Web Forms to add, edit, update, and delete records and thus creating an application that accesses web service interacting with distributed remote applications. Newer framework features like WPF, WCF along with XAML programming will also be covered that includes building Silverlight and Ajax enabled applications.

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