Course Objectives:160 Hrs

The BPI Building Analyst/ Insulation and Air Sealing duel certificate training course will provide individuals a solid, entry level knowledge of the principles of building science, and learn to audit a home for comfort, energy efficiency and safety. Additionally, the course will provide individuals a solid, entry level knowledge of the principles of building science, home systems, and a building's thermal envelope. This course includes pressure testing, how to conduct a home inspection and make recommendations for enhancements based on BPI standards. Students will participate in classroom and field training, as well as written and field testing. The overall objective of the program is to provide an individual with the knowledge and skill level so that the individual can obtain an entry level job in this fast growing field.

Topical Outline:

  1. Module 1- Introduction to BPI
  2. Module 2- Building Evaluation- Building Analyst
  3. Module 3- Building Auditing- Building Analyst
  4. Module 4- Building Evaluation/Auditing- Insulation and Air Sealing
  5. Module 5- Safety
  6. Module 6- Final Review

Module 1-Introduction to BPI Building Analyst and Insulation/Air Sealing

  1. The What and Why of BPI
    1. House as a System
  2. Who Benefits from BPI
  3. The BPI Process
  4. Introductory Building Science Basics
  5. Integrated Approach
  6. Green Building Costs and Benefits

Module 2-Building Evaluation- Building Analyst

  1. Assessment Process
    1. CAZ Testing
    2. Pre-Audit
    3. Inspections
    4. Post-Audit
    5. Post-Audit

Module 3-Building Audit- Building Analyst

  1. Exterior Audit
    1. Building Shell
    2. Thermal Boundary
    3. Windows and Doors
    4. Windows and Doors
    5. Air Leakages
    6. Blower Door Leaks
    7. BAS Example Calculations
  2. Interior Audit
    1. Insulation
    2. Energy Lighting and Appliances
    3. Heating Systems
    4. Cooling Systems
    5. Water Systems
    6. Duct Testing

Module 4-Building Evaluation/Audit- Insulation and Air Sealing

  1. Causes of Air Movement
  2. Attic Insulation Prep
  3. Insulating Attics, Walls, and Floors
  4. Dense Packing Insulation
  5. Stack Effect and Convection
  6. Combustion Safety
  7. Base Load Measures

Module 5-Safety

  1. PPE
  2. Health and Safety on the Job
    1. Personal Safety
    2. Local Code Compliance
  3. Clean Worksite

Module 6-Review for Final

  1. Test Taking Tips
  2. Assessment Process Quiz
  3. Evaluation
  4. Module Reviews
  5. Building Analyst Practice Exam


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