BA Training in NJ

Business analysts provide innovative and insightful ways to address the needs of a business or organization. Trained business analysts can assist in improving a company's Information Technology products and services as well as being involved in revamping organizational structure and internal processes. There is a high demand for these skills and Information & Technology Management offers a top-notch business analyst certification course in NJ.

Course Description:

Because business analysts provide a wide range of services and need a broad skill set, our certification course includes BA training not only in the improvement of IT products and services but also in how to develop project plans and in how to manage those projects. Our comprehensive Business Analyst Certification course in Edison,NJ provides you with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career as a business analyst.

The Business Analyst Certification course is divided into two parts:

Part I is the Foundations for Systems Development. Topics covered in Part I of the Business Analyst Training course include:

  1. The system development environment
  2. The origins of software
  3. Managing an information systems project
  4. Representing and scheduling project plans
  5. Using project management software
  6. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOSAD): Project Management

Part II of the Business Analyst Certification course deals with planning. Topics in Part II include:

  1. Identifying and selecting system development projects
  2. Initiating and planning systems development projects
  3. Determining system requirements
  4. Structuring system process requirements
  5. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: Use Cases
  6. Structuring System Logic Requirements
  7. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams
  8. Structuring system data requirements
  9. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: Object Modeling – Class Diagrams
  10. Designing databases

Part II of the Business Analyst Training course in Edison,NJ also includes hands-on exercises in designing forms and reports, interfaces and dialogues, and in distributed and Internet systems.

Information Technology Management's Business Analyst Certificate courses combine theory with practice. The BA training classes are highly interactive. Students and faculty participate daily in a combination of presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises. The final project is designed to integrate the learning objectives of the course into a real-world scenario. Upon completing this BA training course in NJ, students will be prepared to sit for Business Analyst certification exams.

Who Should Attend:

  1. Programmers looking to move into systems development
  2. Systems analysts who want to upgrade their skills with BA training
  3. Database developers seeking to broaden their skill set
  4. Anyone interested in business analyst training


  1. Students should have a basic knowledge of computer fundamentals. Some experience with systems development is helpful, but not necessary.
  2. Learn more about how to achieve your business analyst certification here.


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