The backbone of any growing company is its people and their ability to move up or in the organization. At ITM, we offer a career training solution to help either organizations or individuals make the leap to the next technical age.

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Why ITM? Critical Characteristics of Effective Training

Thereare literally hundreds of IT training companies for you to choose from. Why should you choose Information & Technology Management (ITM) above the rest? Here are some critical characteristics that ITM provides to assure success and remove your risk. You can use these important criteria to evaluate any career training solution provider. We're confident that you'll find no one else delivers such assurance of consistently excellent, cost-effective, and convenient training – every time.

Instructors with Extensive Experience, Not Just Certifications

  1. We know that professionals want to learn from professionals. Our instructors are not new to programming, nor are they new to the industrial training environment.
  2. Our instructors are cross-trained in multiple related technologies
  3. They're not just one step ahead of the students. They know about and can contrast competing technologies
  4. They have relevant industry experience to provide real time situations
  5. Our management understands that you don't throw an instructor unfamiliar with a technology at a class just to "preserve the deal."
  6. ITM management has been in the computer training industry since 1989; we have the contacts, the know-how, and the commitment to provide excellent instruction – every time.

Task-Oriented, Competency-Based Course Design

The best way to assure competency through training is to determine what tasks the trainees need to perform in their job, and have them actually perform those tasks during the training. ITM's course design and development process begins with a task-orientation focused on creating true competency, and our small class sizes assure that instructors can focus course content to your specific needs creating a personalized career training solution.

A Truly Hands On Learning Experience – At Least 50% Lab Time

ITM is approved by New Jersey Dept. of Education, Labor & Workforce Development; Career Link-PA and Department of Military & Veterans Affairs.

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