Course Summary

This course allows you to understand the culture of health care industry and expose you to the fundamentals of health care. It explains the tremendous number of employment opportunities that are available in health care field and allows you to make the right decision for your medical career.

Students are introduced to basic elements of primary health care in this intensive class room course. Students will learn the fundamentals and get introduced to

  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Taking Vital Signs
  • Occupational Risk Factors
  • Basic Emergency Care

Course Prerequisite - None

Course Details

Most of your learning in class will be with world class instructors providing lectures, clinical laboratory and video presentations to accelerate your career.

Topical Outline

  1. Medical Terminology
  2. Standard Medical Abbreviations and Symbols
  3. Organization of the Healthcare Workplace & HIPPA
  4. Anatomy and Physiology: Introduction to the Cell
  5. Anatomy and Physiology: The Digestive System
  6. Anatomy and Physiology: The Nervous System
  7. Anatomy and Physiology: The Endocrine System
  8. Anatomy and Physiology: Integuementary
  9. Anatomy and Physiology: The Skeletal System
  10. Vital Signs
  11. Review and Final Exam

Next Step

After attending this course, Students are ready to take the next level of course - Phlebotomy and Hematology


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