TACS is an accounting application that helps in managing both Training facilities and/or Consulting operations. The training module captures student information and career interests. It helps the sales team to follow-up on leads and produces mailing labels for sending information to requested parties.

Detailed transactions for students can be reviewed, updated and printed. The administrator can define a package, batch, courses offered, obtain start & end dates and monitor the entire lifecycle of student activity. .Invoices are produced on demand allowing students to submit to their company for reimbursement. A reporting module produces daily, weekly & monthly enrollment and revenues.

The consulting module has employee, client, vendor and timesheet modules to manage the billing and invoicing. Employee information contains the basic intake information for maintaining consultant information. The client & vendor modules contain information for projects and invoicing information. The timesheet module links all three together to track & bill the hours worked. Billing can be customized to produce weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly invoicing. A reporting module tracks all three areas and generates weekly and monthly reports.

In addition all three (client, vendor and employee modules) have a reminder system built-in to assist you with meetings, schedule appointments and track late payments. All the modules allow you to manage and track your business.

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