AMCA  Certified Testing Center

Are you currently Unemployed in NJ? You may be eligible for up to $4000 in Training for Unemployed in Medical Assistant Training Program. You will continue to receive your unemployment benefits while training. You may also be eligible for extension on your benefits.

Give your career a boosting in new direction. Some of our courses are eligible for Training funds. You will continue to receive your benefits while you are getting prepared for some of these highly demanding fields that will accelerate your career in right direction.

We are licensed in NJ Eligible Training Provider scheme and meet all the state eligibility requirements by Department of Labor and WIB (Workforce Investment Board).

If qualified, you may be able to begin training as soon as possible without any cost to you. To kick start your career Inquire Now to setup a meeting with our admission staff. We will work with you and the employment office for getting you qualified and started in right direction.

Its time you move on to something that is high in demand and satisfaction. Inquire about Training for Unemployed in NJ.

Ready to KICK START your MEDICAL career! Inquire Now.


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