Knowledge of SQL and Visual Basic or some other programming language is helpful.

Who Should Attend

Any VB 6.0 developer who wishes to start developing Windows applications with VB.NET. Attendees should be familiar with client and server environment. Knowledge of SQL and Visual Basic or some other programming language is also helpful. Previous experience with any OOP language application development is recommended but not required.


Each day of the VB.NET course there will be a combination of presentations, code walk-through, and hands-on projects. The project incorporates everything we've covered during the VB.NET course.

Course Content:

What you'll learn

You will learn how to develop VB.NET windows client/server applications employing Windows Forms, Web Services, ADO.NET, XML, Data Binding, Components, and the .NET framework. All exercises will be created using the VB.NET language. Students will learn how to use Visual Studio integrated development environment to develop VB.NET applications. All database exercises will employ Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


VB.NET course will have one class project and one assignment project. A typical VB.NET Project involves building an application covering one of the following domains- Finance, Telecom, Health-care, Pharmaceuticals.

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